Securus Technologies: Taking Steps To Improve Their Service And Provide Better Public Safety

When it comes to prison communication technology, Securus Technologies is an incredibly well-known name. The company has been working in the field for a considerable amount of time, but only recently went on to become one of the more well-known names in the field of communications. In 2009, the company underwent an impressive change when they merged with T-Netix, which was at the time a company that retained the number two spot in the industry along with Securus Technologies. The merger brought the two companies together to form one major superpower that would take on the communications Industry. The merger was brought together by Rick Smith, who now heads the company from his position of CEO of Securus Technologies.


One of the more defining aspects of Securus Technologies is the kind of technology that they provide. The company tries its best to constantly update the technology that they use so that they can always stay at the top of their game and be the best in the communications industry. Securus Technologies provides inmates with a range of voice and video communications services, which they can use to connect with their friends and family, provided that they adhere to the rules and regulations that the prison has for them.


Securus Technologies has also played a significant role in improving inmate monitoring. The company does not only provide prisons with communications technology but also monitoring systems that are attached to them. These monitoring systems record all the conversations that go through their lines and are reviewed by the monitoring teams that Securus Technologies has employed. These recordings have been submitted to judiciaries to help convict people who have misused the services that the company provides. Securus Technologies has been quick to catch people, sometimes even in a day after the phone call was played. By doing this, Securus Technologies has helped reduce the amount of criminal activity that would need coordination, and which could only happen because of the communications system in place.


However, the constant monitoring was causing a lot of inmates to turn to other means of communication. They started smuggling cell phones into prisons and using those to coordinate their activities and to communicate with their allies. The current systems that were in place were not enough to deal with the problem, which is when Securus Technologies came up with a way to help them capture the criminals who are breaking the rules. The solution that they came up with was to install network jammers, which means that inmates would not be able to get any form of service on their cellphones, and would be forced to use the communications systems that the prison has in place.



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