Live Nations Heather Parry Is Changing The Way You Look At Documentaries

A Star is Born, the remake of the 1937 romantic musical film starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper has been receiving various accolades from different award-giving bodies. The latest recognition is an Academy Award for Best Original Song. One of the people behind the success of this movie is Live Nation Productions headed by its president Heather Parry. Unknown to many, Parry went the extra mile to co-produce the film after hearing that it will be directed by Bradley Cooper.

Heather Parry

The movie A Star Is Born is just one of the many beautiful films and documentaries produced by Live Nation Productions under the leadership of Heather Parry. She took the helm as the president on December 1, 2015, and was able to produce high-quality documentaries that people started to pay attention to. Just a few months after being the president of the giant concert promoter, Parry worked with Colin Hanks and produced the Eagles of Death Metal.

The documentary is about Eagles of Death Metal’s return to Paris after the fateful incident that happened during their concert in 2015. There was a terrorist attack at the band’s concert in Bataclan. After 18 months of production, Live Nation Productions released it during the Sundance Film Festival. It received two nominations from the Critic’s Choice Awards.

Live Nation Productions also released the documentary titled Believer. It features the struggle of two Mormon artists and the hardships they have to face to put together a concert that would bring the Mormon religion and LGBTQ youth together. It stars Imagine Dragons’ frontman Dan Reynolds and Neon Trees’ lead singer Tyler Glenn.

Live Nation Productions under the leadership of Heather Parry is going to make more documentaries of this caliber to the public. In one way or another, Parry’s effort of producing quality documentaries have affected the way people perceive documentaries.

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