Gino Pozzo Takes Pride in Football Ownership

Gino Pozzo was born in Italy to parents who were passionate about football. When he was eighteen he moved to the United States where he earned a masters degree from Harvard University. He later married a Catalan and moved to Spain where they lived for twenty years. He later moved to London with his wife and three children to become more involved with his newly-acquired football club.

The Pozzo family used money they made from small family businesses to buy the Udinese sports club in Italy back in 1986. In 2009 the family bought the Granada Football Club in Spain. In 2012 the Pozzo family purchased the Watford Football Club. At the time the Watford Football Club was in deep financial debt and haven’t been at the top of their game since the 1980’s. Gino began to immerse himself in the operation of the team and by 2015 all three clubs were competing at top levels. He owned clubs in Spain, England, and Italy.

In 2015 Gino Pozzo sold his shares of the Granada club to focus on the Watford club. The club has had over eight managers and coaches since Gino began actively running the club. He has a strong focus on recruiting players, trading players, and providing financial backing for the team.

Gino Pozzo takes a hand-on approach by managing out of his office on Vicarage Road and attending the training ground almost every day. He likes to stay current on the teams development. Gino was considered by some people to be one of the best owners in the world when he took the Watford Football Club to Premiere League heights in only three seasons. Gino Pozzo has an undeniably strong reputation for taking under-performing football teams and turning them into top division clubs in their respective countries.

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