Steve Lesnard Gives Hints on How to Market a Product Successfully

Steve Lesnard is well known to be a Global Brand Consultant. He earned his MBA and Masters in Business and Entrepreneurship from the Babson College. He is also known to have spearheaded some very prominent world brand campaigns. He is a hardworking man and an innovator who has worked for various high- end organizations, serving at different positions. Steve Lesnard goes ahead and gives some insight about The Art of Product Marketing in a Digital World.

It is said the upcoming and dynamic digital and also social platforms are slowly altering the normal way of marketing for new products. When a new product is successfully introduced into the market, it comes with several benefits to the users. It also improves the lives of the users. Steve Lesnard clearly states that an entrepreneur can follow two major principles if at all they want their product introduction to turn out successful. The very first principle is to keep it simple so as to make it memorable. A good introduction for a new product will give a clear outline of the various benefits that come with the use of the product. It also gives an overview of the new features and also the improvements on the product. Simplicity comes with giving special attention to only the important and also innovative features of the product. One also needs to come up with an appropriate communication strategy.

The second major principle for successful product introduction is to “Bring it to life to make it real”. This mainly involves the customer experience that the entrepreneur is looking forward to bring to life after citing the various customer benefits and improvements. Some questions that need to be answered in this context include, how the product is portrayed on the customer’s body, what the product does and finally how the customer can utilize the product. Videos can also be deployed since they position the product at the right arena. The capability to push for a customer’s testimony down into the product’s story line and the chance to state the most outstanding features that you desire to be recalled.

Mathew Fleeger’s Company Gulf Coast Western Expands Operations

Gulf Coast Western LLC is one of the leading entities in the oil and gas industries. The company operates as an entity which combines both resources and talent in order to fulfill a number of its business objectives. It has been able to use lots of resources to explore and obtain oil and gas reserves in the southeastern United States. Today, the entity focuses its operations in the Gulf Coast region which has a vast amount of oil reserves. In order to reach its objectives of obtaining oil reserves, Gulf Coast Western looks to operate on properties that have both geophysical and geological advantages. Mathew Fleeger is the president and chief executive officer of the company who has provided expertise and leadership for Gulf Coast Western.

Recently, Gulf Coast Western has expanded its operations to Louisiana. Today, it has operations in many parishes in the state and looks to drill for more oil on a regular basis. This expansion has helped Gulf Coast Western become more profitable as well as meet the needs of its many customers. With expanded operations in Louisiana, Gulf Coast Western is likely to remain as one of the most prosperous enterprises in the oil and gas industry.

Mathew Fleeger currently serves as the top executive of Gulf Coast Western LLC. As the president and chief executive officer of the company, Fleeger has been able to provide solid direction for the company in terms of maintaining its status as a leading enterprise in the oil industry. Over the years, Mathew Fleeger has proven to be an expert at contract negotiations, management, strategic planning and entrepreneurship. With these abilities, Fleeger has been able to improve the operations of Gulf Coast Western and make it more competitive in its respective industry. Before becoming the top executive of Gulf Coast Western, Mathew Fleeger founded another company called MedSolutions Inc. This company specialized in acquiring and disposing medical waste for companies in the healthcare industry.


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Academy of Art University and A Culture of Drawing Excellence

Drawaholics Anonymous: Creating a Culture of Excellence

Students that have always been drawn to art are naturally drawn to Academy of Art University and the fine art experience that the school has to offer. The traditional method of drawing by hand with pens, pencils, markers, and paper is still alive and kicking in the art industry. This is a reality also for instructors at the school, like Michael Buffington, the concept art lead in the school of game development. Drawing and art have always been something that came naturally to Michael and instructors like him.

Spending his time in the art room has always given Michael Buffington pleasure. Being creative in-general is something that the instructor at the academy has always had the greatest sense of fulfillment with. Buffington started Drawaholics Anonymous due to immense demand from the students. He felt that there was an attitude among a lot of the students at AAU that, due to all of the technological advances we have made in industries like game design, traditional drawing would no longer be necessary. In order to help garner more attention and cultivate passion for the traditional method of drawing by hand, Buffington felt it was best to start a club like Drawaholics Anonymous for any AAU students to attend. By creating a support group of sorts for drawing, Buffington has effectively made a step in the right direction for preserving the love of traditional art for the future.

Designers and artists alike have attended Academy of Art University (also known as AAU) for nearly 90 years. Students from all over the world attend the university, both in person at their San Francisco, California, location and online. The school specializes in numerous fields of study in the arts and it is their goal to help the growth of artists and designers for the future of the art industry as a whole.

The Aspire, CityPlex12 And More Among Boraie Development’s Effort To Boost New Jersey Infrastructure

When it comes to infrastructure projects, one of the most famous names in New Jersey is Boraie Development. One of its most famous projects in the state is The Aspire Luxury Apartments. In addition to this building, the firm is also known for its renovation works and its goal to boost New Jersey using its world-class infrastructures.

The Aspire Luxury Apartments is a 238-residential unit building located at New Brunswick and is surrounded by a lot of landmarks. By walking, you can reach the New Brunswick Train Station in minutes. It is also near the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital System, which will be useful for residents who need medical attention. Children’s Cancer Institute is also a walk away from the building.

But what makes the building a lively place to live is its indoor and outdoor residents club space where everyone can meet each other, work, rest, an play. The building also features a fitness center which can be used for working out and yoga sessions. The rooftop sundeck contains a garden and an outdoor BBQ space for casual festivities among residents. It also features neighborhood dining, shopping, and nightlife. A 24.7 doorman lobby and attached parking facility are also available to its tenants. Even small details such as individual storage and indoor bike storage facility were well thought and add to the Aspire experience.

Boraie Development is also known for its renovation works. In 2012, the company renovated an old theater that is now known as CitePlex12 with an estimated renovation cost of $7 million. This building was a part of former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal’s childhood memories. O’Neal spent his childhood in the 1970s in Newark, and the theater is one of the places where he used to spend his time with his parents.

The Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neal partnership are what made the renovation possible. However, this is not the last time that the two will be partnering up to make improvements in Newark and in the whole New Jersey. Boraie and O’Neal are plans to make more infrastructure projects in the area to boost the overall economy by providing infrastructures that will make the improvement happen. The two is expected to focus on more financially distressed areas.

Boraie Development is a known real estate developer, marketer, and property manager. The firm believes that by working with only the best, they will be able to pile up successful projects in a timely manner.