Academy of Art University and A Culture of Drawing Excellence

Drawaholics Anonymous: Creating a Culture of Excellence

Students that have always been drawn to art are naturally drawn to Academy of Art University and the fine art experience that the school has to offer. The traditional method of drawing by hand with pens, pencils, markers, and paper is still alive and kicking in the art industry. This is a reality also for instructors at the school, like Michael Buffington, the concept art lead in the school of game development. Drawing and art have always been something that came naturally to Michael and instructors like him.

Spending his time in the art room has always given Michael Buffington pleasure. Being creative in-general is something that the instructor at the academy has always had the greatest sense of fulfillment with. Buffington started Drawaholics Anonymous due to immense demand from the students. He felt that there was an attitude among a lot of the students at AAU that, due to all of the technological advances we have made in industries like game design, traditional drawing would no longer be necessary. In order to help garner more attention and cultivate passion for the traditional method of drawing by hand, Buffington felt it was best to start a club like Drawaholics Anonymous for any AAU students to attend. By creating a support group of sorts for drawing, Buffington has effectively made a step in the right direction for preserving the love of traditional art for the future.

Designers and artists alike have attended Academy of Art University (also known as AAU) for nearly 90 years. Students from all over the world attend the university, both in person at their San Francisco, California, location and online. The school specializes in numerous fields of study in the arts and it is their goal to help the growth of artists and designers for the future of the art industry as a whole.