Gino Pozzo Takes Pride in Football Ownership

Gino Pozzo was born in Italy to parents who were passionate about football. When he was eighteen he moved to the United States where he earned a masters degree from Harvard University. He later married a Catalan and moved to Spain where they lived for twenty years. He later moved to London with his wife and three children to become more involved with his newly-acquired football club.

The Pozzo family used money they made from small family businesses to buy the Udinese sports club in Italy back in 1986. In 2009 the family bought the Granada Football Club in Spain. In 2012 the Pozzo family purchased the Watford Football Club. At the time the Watford Football Club was in deep financial debt and haven’t been at the top of their game since the 1980’s. Gino began to immerse himself in the operation of the team and by 2015 all three clubs were competing at top levels. He owned clubs in Spain, England, and Italy.

In 2015 Gino Pozzo sold his shares of the Granada club to focus on the Watford club. The club has had over eight managers and coaches since Gino began actively running the club. He has a strong focus on recruiting players, trading players, and providing financial backing for the team.

Gino Pozzo takes a hand-on approach by managing out of his office on Vicarage Road and attending the training ground almost every day. He likes to stay current on the teams development. Gino was considered by some people to be one of the best owners in the world when he took the Watford Football Club to Premiere League heights in only three seasons. Gino Pozzo has an undeniably strong reputation for taking under-performing football teams and turning them into top division clubs in their respective countries.

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Nick Vertucci Turns Real Estate Success Into Success At The Poker Table

Nick Vertucci is a businessman and the principle professional officer from the Nick Vertucci Property Academy. This professional operates an effective real estate property business with procedures in Nevada and California. Just before venturing in property, this individual worked well in the technology business and produced significant milestones with this sector. Apart from work, Nick Vertucci offers vested interest in sports activities particularly texas hold’em. He provides through the years become a skilled credit card player.

Nick Vertucci’s profession in online poker

For over ten years, he provides acquired enormous knowledge playing pokér. His abilities make him take part in numerous competitions where hé has gained significant awards. Among the championships this individual offers went to include;

Globe Poker Tournamént (WPT) frequently held all over the world

Poker AT NIGHT, a TELEVISION prógram upon NBC

GlobePokerp of Online poker (WSOP) in NEVADA

Live at thé Bicycle in California

In most thé video games he offers participated in, Vertucci offers won different prizes. In the 2016 World Group of Poker, he compéted against 7190 traders and earned $2, 533. The entire champion in this compétition was Quel professionnel Nguyén just who required house $8, 005, 310. This professional defeat Cliff Josephy, thé two-time globe texas holdem winner.

In 2017, Nick Vertucci was shown among the 23 mil poker players in the usa. Provided thát this professional takes on poker as being a part- period sport, this simple to imagine his abilities and experience comé normally. Nevertheless, this is simply not the case ás he has already established to practice and combine the knowledge he proves he acquiréd in property.

Taking into consideration how committéd is becoming to the sport, Vertucci world becomes a pro in the event that this individual spent full time for this cárd game. Aside from sports, he offers writtén a publication the “Seven Amount Decisions: Having the Balls to achieve success. ” This bóok is usually aimed at helping people searching to boost their personal development.

Rodrigo Terpins and his life as a businessman

Rodrigo Terpins is a well couth rally car driver and Brazilian entrepreneur. He is the midst of the founders of ABEIM-ABVTEX, a Brazilian- based Textile Retail organization. Rodrigo is among the members of the Control Block of Marisa stores.


Rodrigo Terpins has partnered with Floresville, an environmental reforestation company. Radical motorists have been one of the activities that he has given his total zeal to in his past days. He took part in sometimes in the traditional Sertões Rally.


Rodrigo Terpins partnered with Floresville together with other personnel, to have a good business atmosphere that took part in aiding the environment. The partnership was to also help in the widening the supply and distribution of certified wood. You can visit



Floresville was purposely established with an objective of a business engaging the environment and even its maintenance. He spends the majority of his time with his company which in return has crowned him to be a productive and successful entrepreneur. He has also involved team work in his undertakings.


Together with his experienced and efficient partners, the venturing into the less costly methodologies of investment has been one of the objectives that they have taken into account.


Through socialization with other personnel, Rodrigo gets himself updated with the new happenings in the world of business and this in return has enabled him to yield more in his productivity. Regular and emerging issues in the world of business have greatly helped him the drawing various business decisions, especially the changing behaviors of consumers at the market. For more details visit Crunchbase.


He further encourages the youths also to keep themselves updated with the new happenings in the field of business. According to him, knowing your competitors, identifying big enterprises and global market, is the best criteria of becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Acquisition of already planted trees is one of the methodologies that has enabled him to expand his business to its level today. The best business investment idea according to him, is to invest in cannabis. He describes the opportunity as the business of the future. For any company to develop, he encourages one to engage in extensive business research.


Jason Hope; aging gracefully

Jason Hope; aging gracefully

Jason Hope was born in Temple Arizona and went to the Arizona state university and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance. After, he went to the W.P Carey school of Business and earned a MBA. He started venturing in business after graduating from business school and was internationally recognized because he was very successful. Entrepreneurs and students seek for his mentorship and expertise in business related matters. Currently, Jason Hope is an investor, philanthropist and an entrepreneur.

He likes giving back to the society and his latest donation is to the SENS foundation where he will donate $500,000. His funding will be of great importance to the foundation as it will support its research on battling age related illnesses. SENS is a nonprofit organization which is based in California which focusses on upgrading biotechnologies which will solve diseases that are age related. For more information connect with Jason Hope on Twitter.

In his comments about SENS Jason Hope stated that he has had interest in the foundation for some time and he believes that their work is very important in the development of human medication and problems related to aging. He added that it is a great honor to fund SENS because the step the foundation is taking is very significant and not only that, it is also the future. Jason hopes that with his support, the sought for result will be found sooner.

Jason does research on areas that are of interest to him and he says that as a philanthropist, he chooses organizations that in one way or another have touched him. He added that SENS is not all about living longer but it also helps one to live a healthier and good life as it seeks to solve aging problem. This will be achieved once the foundation finds the cure for the ailments which affects the body causing it to age fast. The focus is not to treat the disease but to ensure that the diseases are completely eliminated. Though to some it may seem impossible, Jason believes that there is actually a solution to all the aging diseases and once it is found, a person can live up to 120 years without having to suffer aging complications.

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Jose Hawilla: How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur


If you are seeking financial independence and want to know the secrets of success, then study successful people. Do you want to know about successful entrepreneurs and how they deal with challenges and obstacles? Perhaps you are interested in knowing about Jose Hawilla and his approach to handling business issues.


Successful entrepreneurs have certain characteristics or traits that contribute to the rise or growth of their companies and organizations. With advanced technology and communication systems, entrepreneurship has become increasingly popular. There are certain factors that contribute to the success of an entrepreneur.


Jose Hawilla is a renowned entrepreneur and he has accomplished a lot in the business world. Jose Hawilla has many companies and organizations and is well recognized around the world. Many ambitious individuals and entrepreneurs turn to Jose hawilla for advice and guidance on business matters.


Hawilla takes the time to guide those that need his help. He is passionate about giving helpful tips and advice on how to become successful in business. Anyone who is looking for reliable information on how to make a fortune or achieve success in life should listen to successful people as they talk about their challenges and success strategies.


Entrepreneurs must be self-disciplined in order to accomplish great things. Unlike the typical work environment, you don’t have a boss forcing you to get things done. An entrepreneur must possess the discipline to plan, prepare and work on the project or task that needs to be done. For more details you can checkout



Entrepreneurs think differently than ordinary people and are innovative. They dream big and take big steps to create change to the industry. They trust their ability – they trust that they can do it.


If you read about Jose Hawilla and other successful individuals, you’ll notice that they are always confident in their ability to make their dream a reality. These people immerse themselves in the right environment that encourages and motivates them.


When obstacles or setbacks occur, you need to learn from these events and never lose focus. Carefully review the situation and devise alternative plan to reach your goal. You can visit to see more.



Shafik Sachedina Contribution To The Institute Of Ismaili Studies

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has long been praised throughout the Ismaili community as a person who has had a long career in establishing himself as a professional in serving the needs of those in the medical community.

His long career as the Head of the Department of Jamati Institutions. The Institute is located as part of the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan Foundation at Aiglemont in France. Everyone in the Ismaili community is aware of Dr. Sachedina’s role in coordinating the sixteen principal areas where the Ismaili communities institutions exist. Dr. Sachedina has extended his influence throughout the Ismaili community with his joint collaboration at the Institute of Ismaili Studies.

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s most recent work with the Institute of Ismaili Studies has been a most welcomed addition to his already present influence on the Ismaili community. Along with Dr. Sachedina’s help, the Institute of Ismaili Studies will continue to broaden the exposure of the Ismaili Community to its growing international influence. His Highness the Aga Khan showed his greatest praise to the work of Dr. Shafik Sachedina by now closely associating him with work of broadening his influence thru his association with the Institute of Ismaili Studies. The Institute of Ismaili studies has been in existence since 1977 and has had an increasing amount of influence in promoting scholarly Muslim societies.

Dr. Shafix Sachedina is one of the most influential persons in the Ismaili Community. The religious, as well as the scholarly community surrounding the Institute, are in agreement with His Highness Aga Khan when he said an institute such as the Ismaili Studies will usher in new and “important pathways toward a more pluralistic and peaceful world.” Having such association with people like the distinguished leadership of Dr. Shafik Sachedina will assuredly help uphold that vision and draw forth more opportunities of the Institute as it makes its influence felt in the modern world of Ismaili Scholarship and its relationships with other faiths. Dr. Shafik Sachedina will now work alongside his other distinguished board of directors at the Institute of Ismaili Studies: Professor Afzal Ahmed, Dr. Aziz Esmail, Dr. Mohamed Keshavjee, Mr. Naguib Kheraj, Mr. Zauhar Meghji. Dr. Shafik Sachedina will jointly help direct the Institute to a bright future of fruitful scholarship and relationships with other societies and faiths, paving the way to a bright future for the international Ismaili Community.


Overview of Roberto Santiago’s Achievements in Real Estate Industry

Shopping mall business has gain popularity in Brazil. The industry has witnessed progressive growth over the years. Roberto is a successful entrepreneur who has transformed the real estate business.

Roberto Santiago has contributed largely towards changing the face of shopping malls in Brazil. He has established Manaira Shopping mall has been recognized as the largest mall in has set a record in the kinds of malls that should be established at Joao Pessoa. The mall was opened in 1989. roberto has ensured that the mall undergoes expansion to provide room for more businesses. More stores have been established in the mall after expansion. The move ensures that the mall provides all the products and services that are needed by clients under one roof. Santiago strives to make Manaira Shopping mall a favorite point in the provision of entertainment. The mall has introduced a lot of fun at Paraiba. The introduction of modern entertainment facilities has led to an increase in the customers that visit the mall. The attractive beaches and cuisines have attracted millions of customers. The mall has 11 movie theatres that have installed modern technology also has an amusement park, concert hall and learning institution.

The movie theatres at Paraiba have installed 3D technology. The audience is entertained with images with clear views. The customers enjoy the movie regardless of the positon at they have sat. The seats have been designed to incorporate armrest. They also provide soft comfort. The customers who visit the amusement park are surprised with extraordinary entertainment that they receive. The park has ample space for more than 200 machines for gaming.

A modern hall has been constructed at Manaira Shopping mall. The mall with modern technology is called Domus hall. The capacity of the hall can accommodate over 8000 people. Domus hall has enabled many people to hold special events. Some of the vents that have been held in the mall include weddings. Exhibition and music concert. Graduations and international fairs have been held in the hall. The hall has been equipped with modern sound and refrigeration systems. The event organizers are not required to come with their sound systems. The hall has been used a cultural Centre. Many visitors visit the mall with the aim of learning the culture of Brazil. The mall has become popular with students from various colleges and universities. The students visit the mall to learn and experience fun. Roberto Santiago has enabled many people to experience fun in the mall.

Roberto Santiago has also invested in other malls that are operating effectively in of the mall is known as Managabeira Shopping mall. The mall is based in Joao Pessoa. Roberto is committed to ensuring that he malls provide excellent services in Brazil.


Interview with Daniel Taub: Farewell to the Ambassador

Daniel Taub met with Her Majesty the queen and introduced himself as the newest Ambassador. Born in 1962, Daniel Taub has been an important part of the diplomacy experienced in Great Britain. Despite revolutionary changes that have influenced politics and diplomacy, Taub has stood form in his practices as well as core beliefs. A practicing Orthodox Jew, he has returned to Israel and upheld tradition throughout his career.


He spoke to the importance of raising children in the homeland that has been targetted for thousands of years. It was an opportunity to explore the country and to contribute towards a brighter future for multiple nations. His commitment to Jewish culture while living in Britain has earned him significant accolades in the community. Taub was also noted as one of the most popular and successful Israeli ambassadors since Shlomo Argo.


Daniel Taub has been an important part of the government and the diplomatic process throughout his career. He has been noted for incorporating Israel and presenting a compelling case for the forward thinking and development of government initiatives. With prominent appearances on television and other broadcast events, his voice has facilitated significant discussion as well as conversation in the public light about business, ethics and other areas of contemporary debate. Taub has emphasized the importance of cooperation and community based interaction to further multiple areas of business and research over the years. He explains that co-operation can yield valuable results that are effective for bridging the divides that are faced in society.


Britain has played an essential role in the development of policy and perspective. Because of the importance that this nation has played, especially as an integral figure in Europe, it is important for conversation to addrss incument themes and challenges that may have guided the way that leaders perceive diplomatic relations abroad. Taub advocates assessing the situation in the Middle East in a similar capacity in order to provide steadfast and dramatic change. Opening up the dialouge is key for lasting results in these cases.


One of the critical issues that Daniel Taub raises, is the importance of setting aside individual opinions in favor of a larger impression regarding government. It is possible to understand the lasting repercussions of a political stand point when it is ascertained from the vantage point of a group of people rather than n individual. This is where Taub asserts that Israeli people and leadership can thoughtfully approach the conversation about what has been taking place in the Middle East.






Bradesco’s Board Of Directors Look For A New CEO To Replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco

There are only six Bradesco Board of Directors. One of them just gave the bank notice. He will be retiring after 74 years of bank service. That director is the Chairman of the Board, Lázaro de Mello Brandão. Brandão took over as board chairman when the founder of Bradesco, Amador Aguiar went to the big bank in the sky in 1991. Aguiar is responsible for the tremendous early growth of the bank, and he is also responsible for moving the bank’s headquarters to Osasco, Sao Paulo in 1953.

Before Aguiar passed on, Bradesco was the largest private bank in Latin America. But Itaú took that title after the bank got together with Unibanco in one of the largest bank mergers in Brazilian banking history. Friendly bank competition is always on display in Brazil, but while Brandão was CEO and then chairman, he took that competition to another level.

Brandão bought BNC in 1997, and in 2000, Brandão opened a New York office as well as an office in Argentina. In 2003, Brandão was responsible for buying BBVA’s Brazilian subsidiary, and in 2006, Brandão bought the American Express subsidiary.

Read more: Bradesco to Choose Board Member as New President, says Trabuco

In 2009, Brandão brought Luiz Carlos Trabuco back from Seguros, the bank’s insurance arm, and he gave Trabuco the bank’s CEO position. Luiz Carlos Trabuco and Brandão worked together for more than 40 years before Trabuco got the big job, so they have an excellent track record when it comes to making good bank decisions. Trabuco has the same banking skills as Brandão, but he displays them in a different way. Trabuco is a soft-spoken executive with degrees in psychology and philosophy, so he is a people’s person. Brandão, the oldest banker in the business, is more of a numbers and expansion expert. Both men knew they could make the bank a huge international success, and that’s exactly what happened over the last eight years.

But Brandão is ready to hang up his banking hat, and the Board of Directors want Trabuco to take his place. Trabuco will assume the chairman’s role. Naming a new CEO will be the next order of business for the board and Trabuco. The new CEO will come from a handful of candidates according to All the candidates are currently working in executive roles within the bank. Trabuco and the five other members of the board are looking for a candidate who can take Bradesco to the next level in the banking world. That’s a tall order considering Bradesco is already a world-class bank. But there is a lot of work to do, especially when it comes to developing new digital banking platforms and instigating new ways to bring customers into the bank branches that seem to be everywhere in the country. Brazilians are doing more mobile banking as well as online banking, so the most qualified candidate for the CEO job might be IT pro, Mauricio Machado de Minas.

The Board of Directors is also considering lending chief, Domingos Figueiredo Abreu. Some board members like Octavio de Lazari because he has presidential experience. Octavio de Lazari is the current president of Bradesco’s insurance division. Andre Cano is another good candidate because of his human resource experience, but three board members like Alexandre da Silva Glüher because he put the 2015 HSBC deal together. But no one is ruling out Josué Augusto Pancini thanks to his operations background. And investment expert Marcelo Noronha is a good choice because the bank is adding more assets to its extensive assets under management portfolio. The decision will come after the first of the year. In the meantime, Trabuco will function as chairman and CEO.

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