Betsy DeVos and the Beauty of Choices

Betsy DeVos is a person who is unique in the greatest possible way. She’s not peculiar. She’s 110 percent one-of-a-kind. There simply aren’t many others who are anything like her. She’s lucky, though, in that she’s married to a person who actually sees eye to eye with her. They’re a synchronized couple in every sense. Dick DeVos never forsakes things that are important to him. Betsy never abandons things that make her tick, either. That’s just not how her brain functions. That may be something she got from her wise father. Edgar Dale Prince was a diligent American entrepreneur who paved the way for many businessmen in the sizable nation. He paved the way for his bright-eyed young daughter, too. Elisabeth Prince knew growing up that her situation was special. She knew that her father had something to offer the world.


Human beings all react to situations in diverse manners. Some people respond to stress factors by lashing out. Other people respond to them by clamming up. Betsy DeVos doesn’t react to them in either of these ways. She always maintains the same cool level of composure. She handles uncertain situations and circumstances with her brain rather than with her heart. She knows that feelings can be tricky to manage. She knows that logic is a lot easier to handle. That’s probably why she can deal with setbacks without flinching for a second.


Betsy is part of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Her husband is as well. They’re not just part of the beloved not-for-profit group. They’re the people who masterminded it back in the day. It’s been on their minds since the eighties. They haven’t forgotten its existence for a second. They actually devote more attention to it as time goes on. They utilize the charitable foundation for all kinds of donations. They frequently donate money to sectors that encourage them to ponder life. They like to help organizations that revolve around culture, artwork, social matters, education and the whole nine yards.


Choice is something that many people take for granted in this world. People often cannot choose things that are pertinent to their careers, educations and more. DeVos simply isn’t okay with that. She doesn’t think that that’s how life should go. Her objective is to plan a nation that empowers people with regard to their educations. DeVos is a smart woman who likes getting what she wants.


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Betsy DeVos: A Fierce Fighter For Charter Schools

Betsy DeVos is often known as a person who will fight for everything that she can get in terms of political concessions. She is not afraid to take the lead out when she needs to and drop the charm. She can be a totally different person than those who know her say that she usually is when it comes to fighting for the things that she believes in. One of the premier items on that list are charter schools.


She was recently spotted in Miami with rapper Pitbull making an appeal to people that charter schools are the way to go. She and the rapper appeared together at a local charter school in the Miami area to promote the idea that these are the kind of schools where children are able to learn better.


If you had known Betsy DeVos from her humble beginnings in Grand Rapids, Michigan, you would not be surprised that she has taken on a life of politics and activism. She has had family members run for the Governor’s mansion in the state (as Republicans of course), and she and her husband have frequently had their hands in a number of local political and business issues. They have never skirted away from them simply because they might get another person stirred up. As long as they believe in what they are doing, they are most likely going to give it a shot.


The DeVos family is also very well known for being generous. They have enormous wealth to be sure, but they have given plenty of that wealth away towards worthwhile causes, buildings, and institutions. The family has built up a lot of good will for themselves in Michigan and other surrounding areas.


Neighbors of the DeVos family may start to wonder what has happened to the Betsy that they knew. They see her now as part of the Trump Administration saying things and making decisions that they might not have imagined her making not that long ago. Indeed her confirmation hearing in the Senate was among the most controversial that has ever taken place. She received a tied 50-50 vote that had to be broken by a tie-breaking vote cast by the Vice-President. Those are incredibly rare.


Despite all of this, Betsy DeVos has continued to find strength to do the work that she has done. She has been highly inspiring to a lot of people who have followed her journey. Others can’t stand her of course for her political beliefs, but they cannot deny that she has had a lot of impact in her life in shaping the way that things are done throughout the country. Without people like Betsy DeVos stepping up for what they believe in, this would be a lot less interesting place to live in.


Charter schools may be able to count on greater amounts of expansion under this administration than they ever could before due to the fact that Betsy DeVos is advocating very strongly for them. We will all just have to wait to see what happens.


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Betsy DeVos Is Always Serene

It’s not easy to be a person who is struggling financially anywhere in this world. It, at the other end of the spectrum, is also pretty difficult to be a person who watches other people suffering. Betsy DeVos is without a shadow of a doubt a woman who has access to plentiful privileges. She, at the same time, is also an individual who has a strong conscience. She feels empathy toward other individuals she meets in her daily life. That’s one of the reasons she puts so much into her role as the education secretary for the nation.


There are so many situations that make DeVos feel empathetic. She doesn’t like hearing about parents who can’t afford to cover tuition costs for their children. A good education is hard to come by in this day and age. DeVos thinks that good educations revolve around being able to make intelligent school decisions. Most parents who reside in the United States simply don’t have the means required to select the schools their children attend. Random factors can make or break a child’s educational destiny in the United States. People who have the luxury of money can pay for schools that aren’t in line with their communities. People who lack funds, on the other hand, cannot do the same. This saddens DeVos. It also deeply saddens her husband, Dick. Betsy and Dick have gone to schools and met with many thoughtful parents. They’ve had engaging conversations with them as well. These conversations delved into all kinds of topics that are relevant to households. They often delved into subjects that involved educational choice.


People who know about DeVos are most likely in tune with her educational wisdom. She has a fervor for educational choice that doesn’t have a lot of competition. It’s not simple to find a person who makes educational choice a priority the way that she has. She endorses educational vouchers. She endorses the concept of charter schools as well. Her husband can say the same thing. He has a strong interest in aviation. His interest in education is just as powerful. He combined the two pathways and brought an aviation charter school to life in the Midwest. This Michigan educational institution caters to people who have aspirations to work as proficient and efficient pilots.


Nothing about Betsy indicates that she’s reluctant to talk about her convictions and opinions. She’s a woman who has manners that are more than worth praising, though. Etiquette has always been a highlight in her mind. She’s the embodiment of elegance and equanimity any time she’s in the vicinity of another individual. It doesn’t matter how she feels about a certain issue, either. She never loses track of the big picture. Her opinions sometimes differ from those of Donald Trump. That doesn’t interfere with her status as one of his team members, however. She’s a professional who grasps the strength of cooperation. People can always depend on DeVos to be fully in control regardless of the situation or circumstances.


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